SaHaBaT @ FrienDs

27 October 2009

Pencahayaan Agung


Arini g jumpa SV(supervisor),
coz dah berhari2 try n tukar2,
loop ku still tak kua secara betul

arini sampai juga ku ke bilik sir itu,
berhari2 aku buat, sir buat dalam bape minit jer..

ape pun selesai satu masalah,
mujur sir nak tunjukkan pas ku tunjuk error2 y kuar.

Hope aku sempat settle sume sekali report within the time,
doakan aku yer,
Allah sahaja y dapat membalas budi baik kalian y mendoakan aku,


24 October 2009

Macam free sangat..hahaha

Okes, now dah baper hb?

meh aku jawab sendirik, sebab ku borink!
24 oct 2009

aku bnyk keja..
fyp da kena anta 9 nov report nyer..
finding hape pon tader ag..
mane nak ade..
system bru dlm 20%..
hampes sungguh aku.

so, mlm ni kua lg gila aku..
aku jd miss paparazi..
aku g selongkar social networking site org..
suka aku la,
nama pon socialnetworking site kan..

tapi nape ek, bile ku buka jer page ni kan,
aku rasa nak muntah,
loya seh.

padan muka aku,
peringatan yer cik daniera..
len kali jgn ko

alkisah serba sedikit,
die perasan rupanya kacak,
persis haziq af ya,
tapi haziq versi karat kali..

jgn la sape2 marah yer,
ini hanya lah post versi bosan ku,
sik da pa2 maksud tersirat or tersurat,

kalo ku berik taw nya da jadik ngumpat nak??
jadik sik la ku berik taw sapa y perasan kacak benar ya..
gik sekali ku maok gelak besar2..

(dah la,mlm da nektok,kelak pontianak pon sa konfius nya pontianak or ku y pontianak!)

sik boh lupak polah keja,
untuk berjaya You kena berusaha,
sik da kejayaan tanpa usaha,
maka berusahalah,
kemudian berdoalah n bertawakal..

[notakaki] baru pas ngumpat sorang2, adeh, makin jait ku nektok!

18 October 2009

Stressful night

I'm stress, i wanna have a walk for calm it down but it's already late, if and only if i'm a man, surely i can do that now. HATE IT!!! Does anyone can lend me any punching bag? Arggghhh..

Then, i picked a piece of paper and started throwing out all the mess in my heart *actually i just drawn some patterns on someone scarf that i saw this evening, hehe*. After some minutes, i still can't pull it all out. I wanna cry but I wanna forbid it, coz’ it’ll just made me tired. I need to kept my energy so that I can continue my work but how I can continue my work when I’m in stress? I can’t sujud to Allah coz’ it is in forbidden moment. Keep on zikrullah , but still in moody. There were so many of syaitan in me now. My ohh my… After few other methods likes singing, and blogging then I decide to just turn on all Quranul Karim MP3’s. Here's come the medicine. God bless

All this happens due to i'm so tired, physically(all this week had just a short sleeping time and today have to attend one whole day course *of course have to because i wish to, not even single forces by others*) and mentally. Then what i wish to happen not happen after i already tune my brain to get ready and forget about those tiredness inside me besides of thinking this maybe can give some fresh air to warm up my mind to continue coding on my system when i get back later. suddenly, when i am already pull myself up to get the shower, iron and wore some special cloth, put some make up on my face and wait for the time to come to go out, then the beeping sounds heard from my phone. I can understand the problems happened here but not my heart. It is so in frustrated. There was a big conflict when our logic say yes while our heart say no. My heart felt like wanna cry, shout n turn mad for a while * try to imagine how if the poltergeist with a long hair tries to messy her messy hair, so ugly right? but note that i'm not a poltergeist okey ;) *

In conclusion, today i share some helpful ways to calm your self from stressfulness. Most importance is to turn yourself for God bless. Those methods like singing just a side method. Noted that in everything you do, think first about the effects to yourself later. Referring to the first paragraph, if i just follow my heart to have a walk on late at night, i might get hurt by those irresponsible guys out there. So, have a minute to think, have a better solution to your heart :)