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22 February 2010

Tarikh lagi :)

20 February 2010

My engagement ceremony. Alhamdulillah, sume berjalan lancar walaupun tak cukup labour. Hahaha... Buat kat rumah orang baru beberapa tahun kawin. So sume brg pun kena import dr kg n PJ. Kali i memg aku maximize energy, cume tak amek steroid jer lagi. Tader jage2 mata tak bg lebam. Main 2x kenduri nih dlm seminggu nih, boleh dikatakan badan tak pat rest. Tdo pun kul 6 pagi jer. Aku sibuk ank2 buah pun bikin makin sibuk. Ape2 pun alhamdulillah sgt2, semua settle. Thanks to org kuat majlis Angah family, Abah (walaupun tgh tak sihat, bengkak2 kali ) , Mama and my besties. Kate n K. Echah. Thanks a lot ;)

5-7 March 201o

Still planning. Sebab tarikh bertolak da tukar. Mari pujuk Kate pergi. B cuk da excited nak g. So, jum jalan2. Ragging orang. ;p

10 March 2010

Tarikh bertukar ag. Sepatut bertolak 28 February 2010, posponed to this date. So, eventhough kelas will start on 6 March, i'm still not there. Joli la diorg dpt ponteng kelas kot. Hehe...Belum jadik ag. So, tader cerita nak cerita. Hehe... Riso kot aku wat drama airmata jer t. Hope everything will be well.

17 February 2010

Tarikh2 ;)

20 February 2010

28 February 2010

6 March 2010

12 March 2010

Tarikh2 ape yer?
Ade sape2 sudi nak teka?

09 February 2010

Loneliness Syndrome?

Errr.. If you look at the title, what is the first thing that come into your mind?

Actually, this happens when i kept thinking on how my life will suddenly change 360 degrees when i am started my career later. Without family that can be called at anytime i want ( due to the differences of time ) , without him that i can ask to come over when i need him and without my cute nieces and nephews that i can be bullied ( or i am the one who being bullied actually ).

I am so afraid when i kept on thinking, later on i cannot go back to my hometown frequently or at anytime i want to. I will need to consider the cost to go back and also the schedule that might forces me to stuck there. Then, there's no him that can accompany me going out when i want to spent time. Oh My God!

Hurm.. there were so many negative thoughts inside my head. Oh no! This can't be kept anymore. I need to be strong. I need to have some goals that should be completed. So, i have decided to kept in mid that this is an this opportunity for me to learn another language ( arabic ). Besides, this is my first career, so i will fight for it. Furthermore, it also can be a vacation besides of working right?

Besides of that, there's nothing that i need to be afraid to since i am going to one of the Muslims country also. Then, after a few months, he will be accompany me there. Insyaallah..

Hope i can do the best there. Hope this opportunity can gives me chances to make my family ( wish to share it with my "big family" also.. ) have a better life in the future. Amin. Insyaallah.