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18 March 2009

Have you ever been in love?

Most of adolescent nowadays sure know how if we love someone? Have you ever love someone with all your heart and then you found that he/she had someone else? To love someone and to forget your love to someone is easy. Even though you felt like he/she not affected your life anymore after they gone, sometimes when you heard something about her/him, you will feel deep in your heart, you are hurting again. Not so much but enough to twist your heart a little bit from what your are doing.

As for me myself, i just heard a news that my ex already married. You know what's on my mind this time? I felt so annoying when i remember something that he told me before. While we were in love, he told me that he want to get married at the age of 30. He want to work and save some money first. And now just reaching 25 he already change his status to a married man. Why oh why??? desperate? Hahahaha..... Our story just come to end like this.....

While i am continuing my diploma level before, he already working. Day by day i realised that he had change when he is far away from me. He was like try to avoid me. Before he called me everyday. Even if i am going somewhere and not answering his called, he is like a father who lost his daughter, search for me like i going to make a suicide action. After he is working , everytime i called there's so much reason from him to avoid return my sms, return my called. He even knew how to yell at me. Use some kind of words that should not be used to your love's one. After that he try to find my every mistakes and end up to stop our relationship. As for me, i already knew that it will happen, so i was preparing for it. Even i become annoyed with guys a little bit at that time, Allah then sent someone to me almost a year after that. He is much better compared to my ex. Better in everything. I have thankful to God that not lead me to a person just like my ex who no being a Khalifah to me but more to a boss.

Now i am trying my best to be a good girl for him. I wish him as my long life partner in my every prayers. Wish for him to be my Khalifah, who will bring me along to a better person and following all the syariat. Insyaallah...

15 March 2009

Always enlighting my days..

  1. Abah - always know my heart, comfort me as i wish it to be, support me and my everything
  2. My Nieces and Nephews - Alif, Ain, Tasnim, and Balqis
  3. My Family Members - Mama, Along, Angah, Kaklong, Kakngah
  4. My B - my love that's always in my heart, do same like my dad, mama, along and angah
  5. My bestfriend - Tasha
  6. My bestfriend - Kate
  7. Other friends which can be consider as a friend excluded all those hypocrites girl and guy..

14 March 2009

10 perkara mengenai orang yang tag saya

Miss 'A _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _
  1. kelantanese
  2. very ambitious
  3. wise people *my complement 4 her*
  4. not a gossipping girl
  5. cronic thinker *hehehe...jgn marah T yer*
  6. i miss when she turn crazy * remember when u sang puff daddy-i need a girl while wore your baju kelawar and pretended that u play a cute*
  7. my ex-roomate when doing diploma *part 3*
  8. slumber * dlu2 r, now bergaya dah kawan i ni*
  9. ader personality disoder kot *suka ati jer aku ngata, taper T sebab ira pon memg yakin ira da personality disoder ni. tak unik r kan ada 1 personality jer. agpun personality disorder kita ni sume dlm y baik2 jer, tader siang jd manusia mlm jd serigala, still manusia...hehehe*
  10. she's one of good friend *sure it is, from my view*

Aku yang bernama...

just a few days past i am becoming a year older..

what do i wish 4 this year?
  1. i wish Allah will lead me to be more wise people than before...
  2. i wish all my family members, darling sweetheart and both my bestfriends will always be by my side forever...
  3. i wish to build my own family *wink*
  4. i wish i can complete my degree with flying colors..
  5. i wish i will get good job by the end of this year...
  6. i wish to have new housemate without anyone of them..
what do i feel 4 reaching this age?

i felt that i become a new person day by day. i become a hard thinker person. even my lecturer said so, she told me that i am thinking a lot, and the facts is sometimes i really burden myself just thinking about this life, what goes around me, what i am going to do,what the effect of my action, what will i am doing in the future. that why i said that i am becoming a new person. there's no me who is trying to cheer up all person, i realize that when i am doing good to every person, more of them just taking advantage on me. so, now i prefer to cherish only person who important to me, who cares about me, who being loyal to me. I rather being selfish than let myself being a joke.

05 March 2009

Di Sini Ku Berdiri

Hari ahad yang lepas, setelah seharian menyemak di ofis si dia ( his officemates n him were doing ot), akhirnye tibalah masa nak balik. Aku yang keboringan di rumah sewa yang tak rasa cam umah...segera mengeluarkan idea kalau2 akan di layan.. request yang aku buat berbunyi lebih kurang begini...

" Boleh tak kita g somewhere yang ada scenery, y boleh merehatkan mata "..

Jawapan diterima...

" Hari nak hujan nih... lau g tugu sempat kot..."

Akhirnya sampailah aku di tempat yang bernama Tugu Negara ( National Monument) tersebut, lokasinya ialah Taman Tasik Perdana.. ( fakta lainnya, inilah first time aku sampai situ, dah tua bangka dah baru sampai. Hahaha, aku memang kurang patriotik sikit, tak bermaksud aku tak menghargai jasa2 mereka, tapi tak semestinya letak bunga kat tugu baru menghargaikan? Kalau diutuskan dengan sekalung/seuntai doa lagi afdal kot... hehe. Tapi sekarang dah sampai dah pun...)

Inilah Tugu Negara( our National Monument)
~besar tau, setakat aku berdiri mcm sebiji buah epal tepi bulldozer jer~

Dan akhirnya inilah rupa aku sebelum balik
~terpaksa jd kura2 u melindungi laptop~

Handsome tak mamat nih?
~aku candid gambar dia, jgn la dia perasan :))~