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23 January 2010

What to do first?

So many things to do in the list, till i can't do anything.


Ada siapa2 yang leh bg tips y bagus tentang goods preparation or life in Yemen?
I am caught by a web called as 'blurr' ..huhu

[notakaki] seronok nak pegi tapi hati dah sayu2 memikirkan keluarga tersayang dann list org2 tersayang y terpaksa ditinggalkan..huwaaa...


  1. Wow,so betul-luh dah nak gi oversea ni? I'm gonna miss ya lots *hugs*

    Erm,as for me..I would always googling for ye luh,information from the horse's mouth (a peribahasa,actually,hehe) lagi reliable.

  2. hehe. tq 4 the advice. btw, angie...will you help me by keeping this news as a secret first. i will tell others later when the times comes. please...


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