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18 March 2011

My First Award

Haha... at last i did received my first award. That's maybe show that i am a very lazy blogger =) Thanks syida for giving awarding me with this beautiful award. Do visit Syida and explore her blogging world in here okes

As Syida wrote this award have some rules to be followed :)
1)Thanks and link back to the person that awarded this to you
2)Share 7 things about yourself
3)Award to 15 recently discover great blogger
4)Contact these bloggers and tell them about this award

7 things about me (^_~)
1) I am Married( besides of my family, i love my hubby and his family very much) Poyos!!!!
2) I love travelling ( so far Malaysia pun tak jenjalan habis lg..) Hahahaha...
3) I love reading (especially novel, currently i did fall in love into fiction too but i did read all genre)
4) I plan to continue study ( when i did not know ) Pray for me okes ;)
5) I love cat so much, and currently also fall in love with rabbit ( but so far no cat in my house, only my parents house have it, MALAS... just afraid if i do not have enough time to take care of the cat and make neighbour angry if my cat did pupu in their house, so better not) :)
6) I love pink and purple ( currently also fall in love turquoise, blue and red) colorful life
7) I love my abah so much, i pray for him to always happy and in a good health ( my mom already passed away years ago, i have new mom and i love her to ) i love everyone in my big family

I would like to know some of their interest too :)
-i love to read about Kak Ila's journey in Japan and her life with Kawaiii Iman Chan
-i love reading about Kak Hasue's life and i like the she express all the dishes she cook :)
-i love reading and enjoying recipes shared by Kak Ct and read about her blogging life
-i also enjoy read this blog and her yummylicious recipes :)
-i enjoy reading on his journey/life in Indonesia
-love the way she express herself through her life, she is one though lady. jiayo2 akak !

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  1. fuhhhh.. ddk jap, berlari dtg ambik nih hehe.. makasih.. makasih bg award ye.. dan trm ksh krn beri sokongan muahh!!


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