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21 March 2013

Ariana is 45 days old

My dear ariana is 45 days old today. Alhamdulillah. so far she is growing as a very healthy baby. senang dijaga dan tak banyak ragam. kekuasaan Allah mungkin sebab nak bagi chance mama dapat layan kakak jugak even now banyak nenek (MIL) yang melayan. Mama will make sure everyday that there is some time for kakak to manja2 dengan mama.

Aulia also knew that now she need to share mama with adik. If adik sat on mama she will come and lying beside mama's knee. when she saw adik is slept on her bouncer or not around she will utilize the moments and jump into mama hands or make mama as her riding horse. Now atuk also being her riding horse. poor atuk. maybe it is a hint for babah to buy her a riding horse toy. *winkwink*

Beside that when Ariana is 45 days old thats mean mama dah habis confinement period. yeay!!! Alhamdulillah. Being a mother for a girl age 1 yo++ and newborn baby girl make mama langgar segala pantang larang. i carried Aulia that weight 10kg even it is just reached the second week of my confinement period. I ran and grabbed her when she tried to reach the door or jump from the sofa. The weather also not too on my side. it is way too hot that i asked to drank cold milo from my husband when we went to clinic. cold milo ok not icy milo. after 1 month i did sipped husband icy drink that he left on the table. when he ask me (he just pretend to ask since he knew i am the one who drank it) why did her ice coffee cup was empty, i told him that it already being hydrated by the hot weather. hahahaha... Hopefully my dear daughter will take their confinement period seriously later. do not be like mom ok ;)

About bengkung, i wore it asal sempat jer. not just due to the hot weather. sometime before i could finish or start wore it either adik crying or kakak started crying or hugging or climb on me seek for some attention. But i did apply the hot lotion even i did not wore the bengkung. hopefully that my body still in good health even though i am not really particular within the confinement period. Aminn

The weather is way too hot till adik and kakak dah almost 2 weeks ber'diaper' jer dlm rumah siang dan malam. nk barut adik pun tak sampai hati. gatal2 eczema kakak pun nek semula dek panas dan berpeluh. MIL and FIL pun riso menengok kulit cucu berpasir jer dek bintik2 gatal.

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