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18 May 2010

24 hours boss!!

I just wonder
is there is a job as 24 hour boss
please madam
in work you can assist me
my personal life
get lost
*kick on the butt*
till i ask 4 your assisstant
dun ever try to interfere
even your marriage keep changing
how dare you assisting me in making my life
another one part
if my work performance decrease due to my personal life
you can interrupt
if my performance still the same
even your tiny2 job like printing, search for file
i did it for you
*berlagak bz jer lebih*
just judge yourself first
i tak suke ogey you interfere lebey2!
you are not my mom!

first time jumpe perfect husband and wife. Perfect in term of having the same annoying characters. Ouchhh!!!

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