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14 March 2009

Aku yang bernama...

just a few days past i am becoming a year older..

what do i wish 4 this year?
  1. i wish Allah will lead me to be more wise people than before...
  2. i wish all my family members, darling sweetheart and both my bestfriends will always be by my side forever...
  3. i wish to build my own family *wink*
  4. i wish i can complete my degree with flying colors..
  5. i wish i will get good job by the end of this year...
  6. i wish to have new housemate without anyone of them..
what do i feel 4 reaching this age?

i felt that i become a new person day by day. i become a hard thinker person. even my lecturer said so, she told me that i am thinking a lot, and the facts is sometimes i really burden myself just thinking about this life, what goes around me, what i am going to do,what the effect of my action, what will i am doing in the future. that why i said that i am becoming a new person. there's no me who is trying to cheer up all person, i realize that when i am doing good to every person, more of them just taking advantage on me. so, now i prefer to cherish only person who important to me, who cares about me, who being loyal to me. I rather being selfish than let myself being a joke.

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