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18 March 2009

Have you ever been in love?

Most of adolescent nowadays sure know how if we love someone? Have you ever love someone with all your heart and then you found that he/she had someone else? To love someone and to forget your love to someone is easy. Even though you felt like he/she not affected your life anymore after they gone, sometimes when you heard something about her/him, you will feel deep in your heart, you are hurting again. Not so much but enough to twist your heart a little bit from what your are doing.

As for me myself, i just heard a news that my ex already married. You know what's on my mind this time? I felt so annoying when i remember something that he told me before. While we were in love, he told me that he want to get married at the age of 30. He want to work and save some money first. And now just reaching 25 he already change his status to a married man. Why oh why??? desperate? Hahahaha..... Our story just come to end like this.....

While i am continuing my diploma level before, he already working. Day by day i realised that he had change when he is far away from me. He was like try to avoid me. Before he called me everyday. Even if i am going somewhere and not answering his called, he is like a father who lost his daughter, search for me like i going to make a suicide action. After he is working , everytime i called there's so much reason from him to avoid return my sms, return my called. He even knew how to yell at me. Use some kind of words that should not be used to your love's one. After that he try to find my every mistakes and end up to stop our relationship. As for me, i already knew that it will happen, so i was preparing for it. Even i become annoyed with guys a little bit at that time, Allah then sent someone to me almost a year after that. He is much better compared to my ex. Better in everything. I have thankful to God that not lead me to a person just like my ex who no being a Khalifah to me but more to a boss.

Now i am trying my best to be a good girl for him. I wish him as my long life partner in my every prayers. Wish for him to be my Khalifah, who will bring me along to a better person and following all the syariat. Insyaallah...

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