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14 March 2009

10 perkara mengenai orang yang tag saya

Miss 'A _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _
  1. kelantanese
  2. very ambitious
  3. wise people *my complement 4 her*
  4. not a gossipping girl
  5. cronic thinker *hehehe...jgn marah T yer*
  6. i miss when she turn crazy * remember when u sang puff daddy-i need a girl while wore your baju kelawar and pretended that u play a cute*
  7. my ex-roomate when doing diploma *part 3*
  8. slumber * dlu2 r, now bergaya dah kawan i ni*
  9. ader personality disoder kot *suka ati jer aku ngata, taper T sebab ira pon memg yakin ira da personality disoder ni. tak unik r kan ada 1 personality jer. agpun personality disorder kita ni sume dlm y baik2 jer, tader siang jd manusia mlm jd serigala, still manusia...hehehe*
  10. she's one of good friend *sure it is, from my view*


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  2. my dearest striker... i am on my to complete ur tagged "things"

  3. Hi,u there.. Thanks for the compliments, but i did not do much with this site. i was just using Pyzam template and adjust some small things.But FYI, i always love on web programming and designing, also playing with adobe photoshop. I love colors :)


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