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23 May 2009

My Pal

I just met a new pal while busy playing with an application in facebook. Actually she was my first friend from foreign country. She was called Patricia @ Panda. I was impressed of her since she likes to do all stuff where commonly just teenagers love to do it such as blogging. She also inspire when she told me that she is a lecturer( major in Literature). L.E.C.T.U.R.E.R is always a job of my dream. Hope it will come true.

We had a nice chatting just a few minutes ago. I can talk freely to her, she seems to understand me although we had so long gaps in age. She was older than my father but she was young in heart. *That was'nt me who make it, it was her who said so~wink~*

I thought it's enough for today since i am getting sleepy. Hehe

Thanks Panda for chatting with me tonight. *Because i just like owls, so not many chatters during early morning just like now, so it was good to have someone who are willing to chat with me. LOL*

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