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30 May 2009

Refreshing My Skills :)

Since i have to develop my final year project soon, so i starting to refresh my programming skills. It's quite bad for me when i just forgot a very simple thing. Guess what i had forgotten?

Hahaha, i forgot on how to access my php pages through browser. I also forgot in which folder i should put the database file so when i run through browser all information can be available. It took me about half an hour to figure it out. I guess after this i should make a manual for me myself to access to my own system. I should spell a big capital letter of LOCALHOST in my mind and also a big MYSQL....

I wish i could built a high performance project for completion of my bachelor degree and i can manage to get A or A+. Even it just like a dream to get A+ but who knows. I always remember a phrase that means that we must always not afraid of dreaming something, because it can inspire our mind and it is also better dare to dream rather than anyone that always think everything is impossible to him/her.

Yeah, let's do it!!!

With the bless of the Almighty ALLAH s.w.t + bless from beloved parents and family members + beloved future hubby *wink* and the rest person who sincerely loving me(especially Kat n Tasha), Insyaallah i can manage to achieve my dreams.

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