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29 May 2009

When the Chef in me speaks !

~This just a sample of fried noodles. It's aren't the one that i am cooked~

When i woke up today the first thing that i thought of food! hahahaha
I felt so lazy to go out of my house to by the food. So, after thought for a while. It's better for me to just cook by myself. Suddenly, i just remember something. What do i have in the freezer to cook? Hahaha, nothing. Then i came out with an idea of cook some fried noodles. So, i just use some carrot, 'ikan bilis'( what do they called this small fish in english i don't know), chilli sauce, soy sauce, blended chilli and salt.

After a long time do not eat some fried noodles, it just feel goods to taste it. (Even though i do not have all spices to be add in, hahahahah)

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