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04 April 2011

Crop Circle (Jalur Lingkaran Tanaman)

Currently i read a lot about this symbol known as crop circle. I started know about it from Redmummy, when her husband captured a pictured of KLCC. Then from her site i read some other same phenomenon that appeared in Malaysia from this blog, Lambang Misteri. Actually the picture above also from him. Credit to him. And today i did found the similar symbol, imagine twice a day. First, when i went to cafe, the same symbol being used for a car rims. Then, in my office while one of my cooleague surfing, the symbols appears onto his monitor? This is another blog that also share about this symbol Beautifulnara. I did some googling, and found a lot of symbol named as crop circle that appeared in several countries. What is this thing actually? Is it a secret syndicate? Or biohazards symbol? or just a prank made by computer freak? Alien invasion?

From some page that i have gone through, there is a rumour that something going to happenned this 6th April. Is it true? Wallahualam. My own opinion, world nowadays is so unpreditable, earlier everybody know that in Malaysia, during the end of year usually it moonsoon season, and in March we should already experiencing very hot weather. But... todays. April? How was it. Rain or sunny appeared frequently within a month. Even some country that is far away from being experiencing earthquake already experienced it! For me the first time i knew about word 'TSUNAMI' is from a mgazine when i am in primary school. It said that it only happened to Japan. What about today? Acheh, Pucket. You have the answer yourself.

Back to this symbol, is it some kind of bad things that we are going to experienced it later? To think of the judgement day, where a lot of bad things will going to happens first before the rise of a good people (you know who), i felt deep inside my heart it is shaking. I just pray that whatever happens, please Allah put my family and i among the good people and bless us.

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